Acid proof stainless steel self priming centrifugal pumps

All parts in cast acid proof stainless
steel SIS 2343
The E-Jet pump is a centrifugal pump with
open impeller for a wide range of purposes.
After the first filling, the pump is self priming.
The pump is safe against damages by
unskillind treatment and can run against a
closed valve. It is efficient also in pumping
liquids containing solid partical or with a
high content of air

The mechanical seal is of the type DIN 24960, which is recommended for a wide
range of various liquids.

Standard motor is with foot and flange, 200/380 v 50 Hz 2900 r.p.m.
Exposion-protected motor can be deliverd.

The food industy uses the E-Jet pump as
a cleaning in place (C.I.P.) pump and for
pumping of serum of milk, beer, wine, juice,
The pump can be delivered with special
threads for diary plants, DIN, or SMS, on
frame with three legs or with foot and cover
in stainless steel.
SRG 102 N. Pump for various drive
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A pump for many purposes

The E-Jet pump is delivered with single
mechanicalseal as standard. Double seal
or stuffing box can be delivered.
The pump can be delivered with or without
electric-, hydralic-, air-, petrolmotor or on a
bearing block, if desired with magnetic
clutch 12 or 24 volt.

Field of application: Bilge-, wash- and
circulation pump.
For petrochemical and pharmaceutical
As delivery pump on tank truck.
For water spraying on covered lifeboats the
type SRG 105L is used. This pump is deli-
vered on a bearing block, and is either left
or right running.
Our portable pump is delivered on wheels
an with pulling handle.

Portable pump Type SRG 105L for hose connection

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SRG/SRF v/2900 r/min.

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Alternative seals
The mechanical seal is of the type DIN 24960,
which is recommended for a wide range of
various liquids. The pumps can be fixes with a
specialseals for acids.
E-Jet pump is delivered welded in stainless steel
and it cast audproof stainless steel SIS2343.
(17% crom, 12% nikkel, 2,5% molybden.)

Working princioles
The  principle of the pump is a combination of
the centrifugal-, side channel- and ejector
principle, which makes it a selfpriming pump.

The pump has only five major components
facilitating extreme ecase of assembly and

Economical and competitive.

Contruction acids resistant SIS 2343 stainless

Simplicity of design facilitates installation and
tenance. No bearings.

Effective where abrasive deposits have to be.

Pump can be installed in restricted areas.