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Norco OSLO:

     Traditions and experience gives results


 In October 1998 A/S Norco and APV Heat
Exchanger A/S
celebrated its 20.th year jubilee
in Denmark. In this collaboration  Norco Oslo
has been like a general agent for APV's delivery
program for Plate Heat Exchangers and fresh-water
generator in the Norwegian market.

The Day  started with a reception at the mayor in
Kolding where he gave Norco A/S Oslo thanks
for its exceptional effort through the years of 
promotion of the Danish export industry. - The 
collaboration have a very big rub-off effect on all
of the Norwegian ship owners that has building 
activity all over the world says Man.Dir. Dag Venjar
to Skipsrevyen.
 - The secret behind the success is constant product
development and our service extent through all these
years APVs  Man.Dir. Mogens Halberg points out.

Picture shows Man.Dir. Mogens Halberg (at the left) with 
the APV Heat Exchanger A/S and Tone and Dag Venjar,
A/S Norco Oslo, at the jubilee celebration in Denmark.
Mogens Halberg at APV has 35 years in the business
sector and says that specially our Paraflow plus series
of Heat Exchangers has contributed to this success.
  The series that was introduced in 1995, ensures the
Plates considerable higher efficiency in the heat transfer
simultaneous as the customers gets a mechanical stronger
Plate that tolerates higher pressure.
 - A/S Norco Oslo has lately made contracts for millions
with leading Norwegian companies says principal
shareholder Tone Venjar. She also say that this shows the
trust Norco Oslo A/S has developed whitin the maritim

 - Besides the heat exchangers we also have the well-known
 E-Jet Pump that is our own construction Tone Venjar
continues. - The pump is today produced in a number of 
over 15.000 units where the main marked is the ship and the
 food industry.

We know that our know-how and world wide service will
give satisfaction to our customers where ever they may be
Tone and Dag Venjar says as the final word.

Dag and Tone Venjar with APVs export manager Kim 
Koldskov at the reception at the mayor in Kolding